Fifth Grade Summer Learning

Reading/Language Arts

Select books from different genres

Click HERE for the 5th Grade Reading List

Offline Activities Choice Board

Select, Engage, Document, Reflect & Share

  1. Choose one offline task to pursue each week as some of these activities.
  2. Document your work as you complete the task (take pictures, record videos, sketch images, draw models, and/or take notes).
  3. Reflect on the process of completing this task once they have finished it.
    1. What did you learn? What connections can you make between what you did during the summer and what you have learned in school?
    2. What was challenging about completing this task? How did you work through moments of confusion or frustration?
    3. What did you enjoy most about completing this task?
    4. What advice would you give a friend who is considering doing this activity?
It’s All Fun and Games

Play a game–board game or card game–with your family members then design a rebranded cover for the game. The goal of your new cover is to appeal to people looking for a distraction while stuck at home.

Chopped: Home Edition

Choose a recipe from a cookbook or create your own original recipe. Document the process of making your dish with drawings and notes on paper. Include details about ingredients, measurements, and the steps involved in making this dish. 

The Perfect Playlist 

Compile a playlist for your current mood. Your playlist must have a minimum of 10 songs. Give your playlist a name, describe the overall vibe of your playlist and explain why you selected these specific songs. 

Weird Science

Design your own at-home science experiment using everyday household items. Begin with a question you want to answer. Write up a materials list and a step-by-step description of the procedure. Check-in with a parent for feedback on your proposed plan. Conduct your experiment and document what happens!

Jingle All The Way

Think about an item or product in your home that has been unexpectedly useful while you have been stuck at home. Write a jingle that could be used in a commercial to advertise the benefits of this random item or product. 

That’s Comical 

Read an article in the newspaper or a chapter in a book and draw a comic strip to show what happened in that article or chapter. Bring the text to life with images and captions. 

Build It and They Will Come

Design your own Rube Goldberg machine that performs a simple task in an overly-complicated way. If you need to see an example or just need some inspiration, watch this!  

Let the Dancing Begin!

Imagine you are entering the 2020  Dance Challenge. Select a song and design dance moves to go with that song. Practice your moves and teach a parent or sibling your dance.

Look and You Will Find

Create a themed scavenger hunt. Choose your favorite sport, movie, book, or subject in school and use that as inspiration to create a scavenger hunt with clever clues. Once you’ve created your scavenger hunt, invite someone in your family to try and figure out your clever clues!