Elementary (K-8) Schools

“Teach a child how he should live and he will remember it all his life.” —Proverbs 22:6

When it comes to elementary education, Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools combine strong academics, a deep sense of community and a traditional Catholic learning environment of faith, family and life-long learning to prepare students for today’s evolving world. We prime our students for academic success with a rigorous, standards-based curriculum and ongoing assessment.

We teach a way of actively living faith each day. Students experience the gift of daily prayer, sacrament preparation, regular participation in Mass, and an integration of Catholic values into the curriculum.

Curriculum & Standards

Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools administers 57 mission-driven elementary schools. Each of these schools meets exacting academic standards and adheres to the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools policies. We also host nine independent elementary schools that share the same Catholic identity, but operate under separate governing structures.

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Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools use standardized tests to measure how well students master the concepts and skills being taught. These assessment tools also compare our students’ scores to others across the country.

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All the elementary and secondary schools within the Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools are accredited by AdvancED. Our approach to accreditation gives parents the assurance that the school your child attends meets the highest standards.

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