We think preschool should be equal parts learning and equal parts fun – because your child’s first experience with school sets the stage for a lifetime of learning.

Introduce your child to the joy of learning through an Archdiocese of Washington Catholic preschool. Many of our elementary schools offer pre-kindergarten classes for three and four-year-old children. We also offer licensed early childhood learning opportunities at our seven early learning centers.

No matter where your child starts, you’ll find a safe, loving environment where your child’s unique gifts are celebrated.

We offer:

  • A “learn through play” approach
  • Pre-reading, math, science, art, music and movement experience
  • A strong religious, social, emotional and academic foundation that nurtures the whole child
  • A safe, creative environment for learning – where we celebrate the love of God and teach respect for everyone
  • Meaningful tasks and activities that encourage motor skill development, interpersonal relationship and self-help skills

Read Across the ADW 2023

Read Across the ADW is an annual Catholic Schools Office event that highlights the benefits of reading to young children by having members of our Catholic Schools Office visit our school-based pre-k and early learning center classrooms to read a story and share an activity.

“Reading aloud with young children is one of the most effective ways to expose them to enriched language and to encourage specific early literacy skills needed to promote school readiness.” – American Academy of Pediatrics.


This year we read Drawing God by Karen Kiefer- to 47 of our preschool classes. After listening to the story, the children were asked to draw God. Here is a video of the pictures of God we received.

Develop a Relationship with Learning

Preschool is all about learning how to learn: to think, question and explore the world. Our preschools make learning fun, by providing materials such as building blocks, sensory tables and art supplies that allow children to develop math, science, problem solving and motor skills as well as creative and divergent thinking.

Develop a Relationship with Community

Preschool is a time to learn important skills for getting along with others, including cooperation, sharing, teamwork and self-confidence. Our preschools teach children they’re part of a broader community, by providing experiences such as circle time, group projects, dramatic play and games to develop the social and emotional skills needed to become participants in a caring community.

Develop a Relationship with Christ

We believe young children also should learn about the Catholic faith and the Catholic values we treasure as adults. In our preschools, we introduce your child to Catholic prayer, liturgy and the sacraments, and invite each child to develop a relationship with Christ. In our classrooms, we celebrate that we are all God’s creation.

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