Archdiocese of Washington Catholic preschools provide a spiritually nourishing, safe and loving environment. We celebrate each child’s unique gifts with programs that promote a love of God and respect of self and others.

Many elementary schools in the Archdiocese offer accredited pre-kindergarten classes to welcome our youngest students into the Catholic school experience. We also offer accredited pre-kindergarten learning opportunities at seven standalone locations. We use developmentally appropriate practices to support the cognitive, social-emotional, creative, physical and spiritual growth of the whole child, promoting a life-long love of learning.

Develop a Relationship with Learning

Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools offer developmentally appropriate play-based activities to help your child develop the cognitive, creative, gross and fine motor, and physical skills to think, question and explore the world around them. The development of these skills provides children with the right foundation in reading, math, science, technology, social studies, art, music and physical education needed to become successful life-long learners.

Develop a Relationship with Community

Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools provide a nurturing, loving and dependable environment—a safe and healthy community where teachers and faculty truly care and treat each child as family, a place where children are celebrated for their individual contributions and strengths. We help students  grow socially and emotionally through group activities, dramatic play and exploration of personal interests, a holistic approach that develops the necessary life skills of cooperation, sharing, teamwork, self-confidence, and an awareness of community.

Develop a Relationship with Christ

One of the most important gifts we can give our children is an excellent education, steeped in the Catholic values we treasure as adults. Through the introduction of Catholic prayer, liturgy and the sacraments, we provide children  with opportunities to develop a relationship with Christ. In the classroom, each child’s unique gifts from God are discovered, nurtured and celebrated. Children learn to care for one another and each other, recognizing that we are all God’s creation.

We offer:

  • A strong religious, social, emotional and academic foundation
  • A learn-through-play approach
  • Safe, nurturing, creative environment for learning
  • Pre-reading, math, STEM, art, music and movement experience
  • Interpersonal relationship skill-building
  • Meaningful tasks and activities that encourage fine and large motor skill development and self-help skills.

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