Jesus has asked us all to be good stewards of our talents and gifts—to use them to help build up His Kingdom on Earth and to provide for others who are less fortunate.

As Christian stewards, we are asked to use our time and talents to advance the ministry of the Church and to donate for God’s work.

Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Program

The Archdiocesan Tuition Assistance Program is available for students in grades PreK-12 who are applying to or currently enrolled in Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools. All tuition assistance obtained through the Archdiocese is based on demonstrated financial need. Financial need must be demonstrated each year to qualify. Families apply each year to receive tuition assistance. Applying for tuition assistance has no bearing on whether a student is admitted to a school.

The Tuition Assistance Fund was established by Cardinal Wuerl in 2009 to raise funds to help as many children as possible receive a quality Catholic school education. By supporting the Tuition Assistance Fund, you help make up the difference between the cost of tuition and what an individual family can afford to pay.

The Tuition Assistance Fund was established to help give as many children as possible a quality Catholic school education. The cost of running a school is ever increasing and, in some cases, tuition rates are forcing families to withdraw their children from Catholic school or prohibiting families from considering a Catholic school education.

Your support of the Tuition Assistance Fund will give students the opportunity to receive an academically excellent education and instill Catholic values that will stay with them throughout their entire lives. This is what makes Catholic schools a life-long investment and an investment guaranteed to grow.

Our goal is to provide tuition assistance to every family seeking to have their child benefit from the faith-filled, academically excellent education in our Catholic schools.

Angel Fund

The face of need is changing as families across the Archdiocese of Washington sacrifice to make the gift of a Catholic education a possibility for their child.

Your gift to the Angel Fund will directly assist a student who has demonstrated financial need to be able to continue their Catholic education. Your help will make the difference in the life of a Catholic school student and their entire family.

As an angel, you can designate your gift one of two ways:

  • To a specific Catholic elementary school or high school that you would like to help
  • To a particular student that you would like to help

Professional Development Program Sponsorships

Continuing professional development of Archdiocesan administrators and faculty is of paramount importance. Each year, Archdiocese of Washington Catholic schools conducts a series of professional development programs to support administrators and faculty deliver quality instruction to students. New Principal Orientation, Teacher Orientation and Professional Collaboration Days are a few examples. Your gift or sponsorship of a professional development program support academic excellence, with an emphasis on Catholic Identity, in our Catholic schools.

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