Saint Mary School (Rockville)

School Description:

Saint Mary’s School seeks to impart a hopeful vision of the future where students begin to glimpse the Kingdom of God and imagine the ways in which their own gifts may be developed and used in the service of Christ. We seek to be a community of prayerful love, free from fear, in which students are unafraid to take risks, to explore, to grow, and to learn. Here they will be encouraged to ask the ultimate questions, not only “How well did I do?” but, more importantly, “How shall I live?”

At A Glance:

Rigorous academic programs, advanced Math courses, PE and Art class twice weekly, drama, chorus, band. Extracurriculars including homework club, after school study hall, drama club, Rosary Club, Art Club, Robotics and Junior Robotics.

Principal Name:
Debra Eisel
Montgomery County
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School Level:
PreK - 8 School
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600 Veirs Mill Road, Rockville, MD 20852
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