Rising Kindergarten Summer Learning

Hands-on Pre-Kindergarten Activities


Count – Compare – Estimate – Measure

  • Measure and compare (your height, things taller you, things shorter than you, things same height as you) – use cups, string, other household items.
  • Sort objects into long and short
  • Time – relate time to events (morning, evening, and night)
  • Patterns – sounds, movement (dance, skipping and hopping) reproduce up to three patterns of sound movement
  • Position – use words in or out; on or of; here or there; beside or next to indicate where things are, etc.
  • Computation – use concepts of one more or one less make a collection of items that are larger and smaller
  • Addition – use objects to add items up to 5
  • Subtraction – use objects to subtract items less than 5
  • Number sense – count from 1 to 10 forward and backward, identify the next numbers in the series of numbers 1 to 10

Reading/Language Arts

Select books from different genres

Click HERE for the ADW Pre-K Reading List

  • Recognize environmental words/signs in print
  • Use complete sentences when talking and describing what you see or experience
  • Create a grocery/shopping list
  • Around the home – identify foods for cooking, identify items in the store

How to read with your child

  • Make predictions about the story based on the covers and the pictures inside the book – predict what will come next in the story
  • Encourage your child to point to each word as you read the sentence – use your finger while reading each word
  • Read and repeat – Read the sentence and have your child repeat
  • Check for understanding after you read
  • Talk about the story as you read it
  • Ask a question and make comments during the reading process
  • After reading have your child tell you the events in the correct order of the story
  • Encourage your child to make connections.
  • Ask: Does this story remind you of another book we read or events we have experienced?

Don’t be afraid to reread the same book! Repeating reading helps to build reading fluency.

Scavenger Hunts/Games

  • Color scavenger hunt
  • Shape scavenger hunt
  • Alphabet scavenger hunt
  • Bug scavenger hunt
  • Five senses scavenger hunt
  • Movement scavenger hunt
  • Flashlight scavenger hunt
  • Matching game
  • I spy