A principal’s perspective on how Catholic schools have persisted during pandemic

For Catholic Schools Week, principals, teachers and parents wrote reflections about what it means to serve students and families during this time of pandemic.  This essay is by LaSandra M. Hayes, the principal of St. Mary’s School in Landover Hills, Maryland. 

As a Catholic school educator, it is humbling to know “what I do” and “how I do what I do” significantly impact the life of another human being. I think of my students, my parents, my faculty and staff and how I am charged with their care as the educational and spiritual leader of my school.

I do not ever take for granted that the little person standing before me could one day be the future president of the United States, an astronaut, a commander of the armed forces, a Father of the Year, a Mother of the Year, a teacher, a coach, a priest, a woman religious or even the future pope. Pause now for a moment and really take that in. Think about it. Everyone has been taught by a teacher.

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