After AP classes and his research at a hospital, Gonzaga senior heading to Stanford

With the exception of his religion class, all of John Corso’s classes at Gonzaga College High School in Washington are Advanced Placement classes, including AP Chemistry, AP Biology, AP Economics, AP Computer Science, AP Calculus and AP Literature. Having taken all of his AP tests, the end is near as the only assignment that stands in between him and his high school diploma is a final essay he needs to turn in. Corso has had an eventful four years at Gonzaga, which have led to him to playing the church organ at Mass, being heavily involved in the school’s science program, and graduating as this year’s valedictorian.

“Gonzaga’s a really unique school because it’s so real. We’re situated in such an interesting place (in the city). It’s been a lot of fun to do all these different things…we have sports and I’ve been able to get involved with a lot of community service stuff and great academics here. It’s been a lot of fun to just do so many different things,” Corso said.

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