After Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart celebrates its centennial Mass, seniors reflect on school’s impact

In 1923, the United States was in the throes of Prohibition. President Calvin Coolidge took office following the death of President Warren Harding. The original Yankee Stadium opened its doors in the Bronx. Just three years prior, the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote was ratified. In downtown Washington, Stone Ridge School of the Sacred Heart was established at 1719 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.

Now, the school founded by the Society of the Sacred Heart is located in Bethesda, Maryland, after moving to that campus in 1947. Stone Ridge, an all-girls college prep school for grades 1-12, has a coed early childhood program. This school year, Stone Ridge is celebrating its centennial as an accomplished institution with a robust academic curriculum and many extracurricular activities. It touts notable alumnae, including journalists Cokie Roberts and Maria Shriver.

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