At Mass at St. Joseph School in Beltsville, cardinal urges students to follow their patron saint and dream big

One day after the feast day of St. Joseph, Cardinal Wilton Gregory visited the Beltsville, Maryland school and parish named after the foster father of Jesus to celebrate a votive Mass for students there.

“Joseph was a dreamer,” Cardinal Gregory told the students from St. Joseph’s Regional Catholic School. “His two most important dreams tell us all we need to know about Joseph.”

The cardinal was referring to the fact that little is known of the historical Joseph. The only mention of him in the Gospels are in Matthew – the first and second chapters and 13:55 – and in Luke – again, the first and second chapters, and in 4:22. He is mentioned once in passing in John (1:44), and not at all in Mark. He was betrothed to Mary at the time of Jesus’s birth.

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