At Mass with classmates, Saint Anselm’s Abbey School student baptized by Cardinal Gregory

St. Anselm’s Abbey School senior Guanyu “Marshall” Zhu described one of the first moments he considered converting to Catholicism as a “first sip of water” after a long search.

This happened while he was speaking with Benedictine Father Ignacio González, the campus minister at the Washington, D.C., school, about philosophy following his Kairos retreat. Later when Zhu decided to become Catholic, Father Ignacio became his Confirmation sponsor and godparent.

“I felt genuine joy. It’s very hard to describe the feeling, but it’s joy, [that was] really overwhelming at that point. Nothing extraordinary, just really nice. I was like, ‘I think he (Father Ignacio) is really happy, maybe there’s something to it,’” Zhu said.

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