Teri Dwyer retiring after ‘a blessed life’ as founding principal of St. Raphael School in Rockville

To honor Teri Dwyer for her upcoming retirement at the end of July as the founding principal of St. Raphael School in Rockville that opened in 2006, and as the director of the St. Raphael Nursery School since 1990, the nursery school’s staff gave her a signpost with a personalized green street sign, “TERRY DWYER DR,” that was displayed outside her office. And what a drive it’s been for that Catholic educator.

“I’ve had a really blessed life,” Dwyer said in a June 5 interview, two days before the last day of school.

That morning, she stopped by the school and parish’s Trumpet Room, where as part of St. Raphael’s STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Week, students excitedly displayed special projects they had created with recyclable materials while adding electricity, including a roller coaster made of cardboard tubes and boxes, a model White House, and a giant black spider with glowing red eyes.

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