Testing Accommodations

What Are Testing Accommodations?

The following information is for students not currently enrolled in an Archdiocese of Washington elementary school. If your student is currently enrolled in an archdiocesan elementary or middle school that administers the HSPT, please contact your school about testing accommodations. If a student has a documented disability, the student may register to take the High School Placement Test with testing accommodations.  Types of testing accommodations may include preferential seating, repeated directions, and extended time. Any approved accommodation must be used during testing and instruction at school. Accommodations must not be encountered for the first time in a standardized test.

Parents/guardians must submit appropriate documentation with the HSPT Registration Form. A reserved space for accommodations will not be processed if the appropriate documentation is not uploaded to the form before the deadline. Appropriate documentation must be submitted prior to the testing dateTherefore, documentation must be received by Tuesday, November 14, 2023 for the December 2, 2023 testing date, and by Tuesday, November 21, 2023 for the December 9, 2023 testing date. Spaces are limited.

Acceptable documentation includes any of the following:

  • Students in a public school: Current IEP or 504 Plan
  • Students in a private school: Current Qualified School Plan (for private schools that do not provide an IEP or 504)

Please do not upload psychological reports, clinical therapist notes, or doctor notes.

Parent/guardians will receive confirmation of the approved accommodations via email from the Special Education Manager. During the admissions/enrollment process, parents/guardians should provide the high school(s) with similar information regarding their child’s educational needs to ensure accurate placement.

For further information about testing accommodations, please contact the Special Education Manager at [email protected].

If you are requesting testing accommodations for one or more children, you will need to upload the required documentation to each registration form. Your registration will not be finalized until the documentation in support of your request for testing accommodations is provided.  Those who do not submit the appropriate documentation may not be provided testing accommodations.